Volunteer opportunities:

Bone Creek is currently recruiting volunteers who have a passion for serving on the following committees:

Education:  Develop a curriculum for students of all ages, income level and ability. Assists Director in developing and planning educational events; Recruits other volunteers to serve on the education team.  Good opportunity for teachers and wanna be educators.

Fundraising and grants: Grant-writing and planning fundraising events:  Works with the Director to develop annual membership campaign and plan and execute. Collaborates with the director to provide documentation and research for grant applications. Experience in fundraising and grant writing is a plus.

Community engagement: Inviting local citizens and businesses to get involved and planning receptions for our exhibitions and events.  Plans local museum events and opening receptions. A sparkling personality and the ability to plan a great party is helpful.

Exhibitions and Collection:  Works with the director and curator in managing acquisitions and gifts of art as well as exhibition sponsorship.  Maintains relationships with exhibiting and contributing artists.  Participates in development of artist workshops and appreciation programs. Knowledge of art is a must.

Marketing:  Works with the director to develop marketing strategy, design and place advertising, press releases and public relations efforts.  Looking for some with energy, great taste in design, and excellent writing skills.

Volunteer management and recruitment: Training, recognizing and recruiting volunteers. Works with the director to develop a docent training program. The ability to motivate people who aren’t being paid is essential.