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Tim Wollmer, President

Mike Moravec, Treasurer

Amy Tomasevicz, Secretary

Vickie Riddle, Fundraising Committee Chair

Kenneth Bé, Exhibitions Committee Chair

Johnathan Hladik

Anna Nolan

Ryan Cameron

Ruth Thoendel

Director, Carol Ann Kobza Carol Ann has spent two decades fostering creativity and innovation in organizations as diverse as Hallmark Cards, Inc. and U. S. Central Federal Corporate Credit Union. At Hallmark she served as art director, innovation team leader, and idea manager, leading teams of executives and staff to develop new products and new brands. She developed and facilitated a program of interactive workshops on creativity and innovation for Hallmark employees. She was also Vice President of Research and Innovation at U.S. Central Federal Corporate Credit Union, prior to founding her creativity development consulting business called KOBZA.

She was recently recognized by the Mountain Plains Museums Association with a first place award for Online Presence for her work on the museum’s Facebook page and website. Her work with Bone Creek Museum draws on Carol Ann’s experience in her career as an arts administrator developing performing and visual arts programs for the Kearney Area Arts Council, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Kimball Hall and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Carol Ann works from the Kansas City area in order to continue to connect with a regional and national network of people involved in the arts.

Curator, Amanda Mobley Guenther has written exhibition catalogs for Bone Creek and other museums in the Great Plains region. Her articles have also been published in magazines including American Art Review and she continues to pursue publication opportunities as a freelance writer. Her crowning achievement is her service as project manager, curator and author of Dale Nichols: Transcending Regionalism, Bone Creek’s traveling national exhibition and book.

She has been awarded first place for the past three consecutive years by the Mountain Plains Museums Association in the category of books and publications. Originally from California, Amanda graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in art.

She lives in Lincoln with her husband, David.

Volunteer staff:

Allen Covault, Facilities Manager and Founding Secretary

Mark Mohler, Volunteer Coordinator

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