Beth Van Hoesen Collection

Twenty-six original prints and drawings comprise Bone Creek’s collection of artworks by Beth Van Hoesen (1926-2010) prominent printmaker. Van Hoesen studied at Stanford University and the California School of Fine Arts and abroad in France. She and her husband, Mark Adams, worked out of their 1910 firehouse, turned art studio, in San Francisco for 46 […]

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The Fortune Collection

From 1930 to 1950, Fortune Magazine was an expensive high quality publication with illustrated covers by well known American artists, such as Robert Gwathmey and Peter Helck. In order to obtain fine illustration images, the magazine editors requested that artists submit illustrations of their own desire and design. The cover illustration intentionally did not represent […]

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The Luigi Lucioni Collection

Lucioni lived and worked mainly in New York City, but also spent time working in Vermont. His still lifes, landscapes, and portraits are known for their realism, precisely drawn forms and smooth paint surface. Like many of his fellow Regionalists, his work was marketed through Associated American Artists in New York. Hailed by one scholar […]

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The Edward Glannon Collection

This collection includes several watercolors and numerous prints generously donated by the family of Edward Glannon. Glannon was a teacher, painter and printmaker from Pennsylvania whose work has been shown at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Philadelphia Academy of Art. He work is a part of many public and private collections. Reflecting on […]

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The Dale Nichols Collection

As the national center for Nichols Studies, the cornerstone of the collection features Nichols’ “Four Seasons”, four paintings originally commissioned for a David City, Nebraska bank, and subsequently acquired by the museum located in the hometown of Dale Nichols. Along with Benton, Wood and Curry, Nichols is best known as one of the major artists […]

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The Museum Collection

As the only museum in North America devoted exclusively to Agrarian Art, the museum collects, preserves, and interprets fine art that pertains to lands, fields, and their tenure. The scope of the agrarian art collection thematically focuses on all classifications of lands, including; grasslands, wetlands, federally protected lands, agricultural lands, and even urban green spaces. […]

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