Dale Nichols, "Morning Chore", 1972 oil on canvas, 2007.4

The Dale Nichols Collection

As the national center for Nichols Studies, the cornerstone of the collection features Nichols’ “Four Seasons”, four paintings originally commissioned for a David City, Nebraska bank, and subsequently acquired by the museum located in the hometown of Dale Nichols. Along with Benton, Wood and Curry, Nichols is best known as one of the major artists of the Regionalism art movement. The museum serves to educate the public about Nichols and his contribution to American Art. This collection documents the life and work of Dale Nichols as he explored various art styles and locations around the USA and abroad. The curator of the museum has become the nation’s foremost scholar on the life and work of Dale Nichols. The Nichols Collection is a national resource for those interested in the work of Dale Nichols. Family, friends and fans of Dale Nichols continue to donate to this growing collection of paintings, prints, drawings, books, papers, letters, plates, trays, cards, tins, recordings, and other memorabilia.