Luigi Lucioni(1900-1988), "Hilltop Elms",1954, etching, Gift of William and Patty Nelson, 2011.12.25

The Luigi Lucioni Collection

Lucioni lived and worked mainly in New York City, but also spent time working in Vermont. His still lifes, landscapes, and portraits are known for their realism, precisely drawn forms and smooth paint surface. Like many of his fellow Regionalists, his work was marketed through Associated American Artists in New York. Hailed by one scholar as “the most popular painter that this country has produced since the time of Gilbert Stuart,” Lucioni was also praised in Parnassus as a “painter to be envied. With very little experimentation he has found a style which apparently fulfills all his pictorial needs. It is a sort of sublimated realism; natural forms are reproduced with marvelous accuracy, bathed in pellucid atmosphere. Everything is raised a key or two. Lucioni’s outlines are firmer, his colors clearer, the spatial relations of objects more precise than any in nature. It is like looking at the world through strong myopic lenses or with the sharpened eyes of fever.”

Bone Creek is very proud to have a sizable collection of his charming landscape subjects including the cathedral of birch trees. William and Patty Nelson of Hastings, Nebraska recently gifted their collection of 44 original etchings by Luigi Lucioni. Lucioni prints have also been gifted by Dr. Stuart and Lynn Embury and Anna Nolan (Covault).