Visit Bone Creek Museum to view the newest exhibition from our collection — Agrarian Contemporaries in the South 80 gallery.

Museums often conjure up images of rare antiques, priceless treasures, and valued history. Expectedly, most museums contain a significant number of old objects in their collections. What does the collection of a young museum look like? Bone Creek Museum’s permanent collection is made up of a significant portion of works by living artists. Life on the land is a prominent theme in American Art history and remains an inspiring subject for artists across the country. Represented in this survey are some of Bone Creek’s best contemporary agrarian artists from California to Canada. We are fortunate to grow the collection, primarily via donation, through the vision and creativity of living artists who carry a contemporary message about our natural environment.


The opening reception for Ballad of the Farm: Then, Now, Tomorrow is scheduled for Saturday, May 23 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  Watch for more information in the mail.