Current Exhibitions

Corn: /Korn/ Exhibition

September 28, 2016- January 8, 2017

Chicago artist Cathi Schwalbe and 2016’s Cornhusker Hotel Artist in Residence Margaret Berry will collaborate with one another and Bone Creek to create an art exhibition/project that may even extend beyond the confines of the museum walls. Both artists have a history of working with corn and additionally both artists are currently working with bees and beeswax. Margaret is mostly an encaustic artist and Cathi is a multi-media artist who works with clay, found objects, textiles, and skirts the line between art and social practice.

The exhibition hopes to involve the community in more ways than typical visual art exhibitions. Likely this show will be a combination of previous works by the two artists and a set of new work (made individually and/or collaboratively). Also in the works are a Corn Hunt, a citywide scavenger hunt for clay corn cobs; a Corn Fest, fundraising dinner event; and a Corn and Wax one-day artist workshop with Margaret Berry on November 12, 2016.

Donna Walker: Modern Color Fields

Sept. 7, 2016- Jan. 22, 2017

Donna Walker of Fort Worth, TX has a colorful, whimsical style of small paintings with thick paint. Walker approaches the agrarian landscape and her relationship to it in a way not yet expressed by any previous artist exhibiting at Bone Creek, although Virginia artist Nancy Bass  who exhibited in 2010 had a lot of whimsy too.

Her work naturally lends itself to children’s story-telling. Writing workshops at the local schools and in the museum will be one of the programs accompanying this exhibition. Children’s stories about the paintings may be included as a part of the exhibition installation or presented later at some kind of event. Stay tuned for more details.