Upcoming Exhibitions

150 for Nebraska’s 150th

150 Artists, 150 Artworks, 150 Years of Nebraska in Miniature

May 3, 2017 – July 30, 2017

For the summer we plan to bring together 150 artists who have submitted an original work of agrarian art honoring the state of Nebraska. This major exhibition and sale celebrates Nebraska artists, their craft, and this great state.

The submission has past, information can still be found here: Submission Details

Beginning in May, we anticipate an online feature of this exhibition to allow patrons to purchase the artworks in the show. A closing reception event will take place the weekend of July 29- 30, 2017.

Participating Artists:

Kelli Albracht
Mike Arnold
Libby Aschoff
Roberta Barnes
Shelly Bartek
Christine Bartek
Mary Beth Bartek
Nancy Bass
Monica Baxter
Monique Belitz
Jessica Benjamin
Margaret Berry
Susan Ann Blomenberg
Scott Bohaty
Caryl J. Bohn
Robert Borzekofski
Henry Bosak
Jan Bostelman
Marilyn Bower
Jeri Brainard
Michael Bristol
Shelly Burge
Betty Carlson
Angela Carroll
Kristine Chavez
Jane Chesnut
Mark Chickinelli
Jan Christensen
Debbie L. Cole
Beth Cole
Julie Crocker
Jeremy Daniels
David Dorsey
Michael Duane
Donna J Dubsky
Catherine Easton
Cheryl Ebel
Tootie Ebel
Robert Klein Engler
Michael Farrell
Lynette Fast
Janet Fraley
Beverly Evans Garcia
Patrick Gauthier
Beverly Glock
Judy Greff
Larry Guyton
Terry Hager
Wendy Hall
Janna Harsch
Jolene Hulsing
Clarice Hynes
Matthew Jacobson
Harriet  Jakub
Pat James
Andrea Jenkins
Lana Johnson
Elaine Lierly Jones
Sarah Juranek
Nathan Kathol
Delores Kelch
Kara Kloke
Staci Koenig
Roberta Kramer
Jerene Kruse
Karen Kunc
Renee Langan
Annette Leu
Terri Licking
Randy Lukasiewicz
Jane Marie
Carri Mattan
Patricia M. McGinty
Astrid Mejia
Janet Mills
Deborah Monfelt
Patricia Nelson
Peggy Neuhaus
Ruth Nichols
Paul Nielsen
Lavonne Nightengale
Stan Obermueller
Meghan O’Conner
Lynda Ochsner
Ernie Ochsner
Valerie Oertli
Chelsea Olmsted
Sheila Orr
Gary Ozias
Ted Pardy
Maddie Penn
Sue Perez
Katie Petersen
Ruth Philliben
Austin Polivka
Madeline Poole
Charlene Potter
Reagan Pufall
Maria Pytlik
Steven Ramsey
Leota Ray
Johne Richardson
Guadalupe Rodriguez
Butch Rohrschneider
Bob Rooney
John Roush
Kelly Rush
Patty Scarborough
Patricia Schemmer
Donna Schimonitz
Shirley Schlechte
Cathi Schwalbe
Lori Seale
Nancy Shadle
Samuel Sisco
Len Sloup
Lois Smith
Laura Snyder
John Spence
Ardith Starostka
Linda Stephen
Norma Stevens
Jack Stevens
Jerry Sumpter
Rodney Supencheck
Nancy Teague
Richard Terrell
Jean Terry
Amy Tomasevicz
V…. Vaughan
Rachel Vogel
Valery Wachter
Mark Ware
Dennis Wattier
Kristen Wellsandt
Mary Jo Wentz
Cody Wheelock
Valeria Whitmore
Mike Whye
Robert Wigton
Michael Wilkins
Simon Winegar
Caitlyn Wisecup
Kathy Wollmer
Alice Wood
Kimberly Zach

Program endorsed by the Nebraska Sesquicentennial Commission.


Art and Poetry of the Barada Hills

Aug. 3- Oct. 22, 2017

Watercolor artist John Lokke and poet Jan Chism Wright have created a collection of artworks displaying a unique region of rolling hills in Southeastern Nebraska. The Barada Hills extend along the Missouri River from Winnebago Creek just north of Rulo, Nebraska and north to Little Nemaha River just south of Nemaha, Nebraska.

Presented in Bone Creek’s North 40 Gallery, 27 paintings each with an accompanying poem will share the specific details of this place and resonate with many others’ small town and rural experiences elsewhere in the Great Plains.

The Legacy of Nebraska: Todd A. Williams

Oct. 25, 2017- Jan. 7, 2018

Bone Creek Museum will display a regional selection of the 124 paintings in the Legacy of Nebraska Collection and Exhibition in the North 40 Gallery. Artist Todd A. Williams has traveled the state over the last five years researching historical significant subjects to commemorate the state’s Sesquicentennial anniversary. The exhibition will travel the state during 2017 and Bone Creek is one of the regional venues.