Courtesy of Simon Winegar

Landmark Barns

May 4- September 4, 2016

Gary Ernest Smith, Jared Sanders, and Simon Winegar come together in a strong trio to represent one of the landscape’s most iconic landmarks.

Barns are a necessary feature of any farm or ranch and are also a popular subject for artists. Often the condition of one’s barn best illustrates the health of the farm. Each of these 3 artists have strong reputations within contemporary Western Art circles and each has a strong passion for the current state of our natural resources and their preservation.  G.E. Smith is like the grandfather of contemporary representational regionalism.

Each of the painters have their own style that they would bring to the subject; Smith is probably the most abstracted with graphic color fields, and Winegar’s work has a more nostalgic feeling with atmospheric effects. Sanders is in the middle. It will be educational to discuss the different perspective and style that each artist takes to the same subject.

Joining these Utah artists is five impressive ink drawings of barns by local artist Larry Guyton of Crete, Nebraska.