Worthy Rivals: Dale Nichols and Terence Duren

May 2 – Sept. 23, 2018

Guest Curator Cole Sartore is working with museum staff to create the next summer blockbuster exhibition of the work of Bone Creek’s cornerstone artist, Dale Nichols. This exhibition will explore the lives of David City native Dale Nichols and fellow contemporary artist Terence Duren from Shelby, Nebr.

We believe the museum’s 10th anniversary is the perfect year for such an important exhibition to be the summer blockbuster show. The idea came from a Time Magazine article entitled War in the Corn that recounted a dispute between the two artists, when each held retrospective exhibitions of their works in their hometowns at nearly the same time. This dramatic exchange is an exciting jumping off point to take visitors back to the era of when these artists were living.

More information coming soon.