Legislative Word in the 23rd

Posted in the Columbus Telegram

After a month at the legislature, the office is finally coming together. Those who visit our office will now have the opportunity to enjoy the plants and art that have found a home in room 1118.

I would like to thank Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art in David City who loaned our office three pieces of art to display this session, all of which have a Nebraska and agricultural focus. Bone Creek is the nation’s only exclusively agrarian art museum. Exhibits at the Museum highlight the heritage as well as current themes of rural and farm life, making it a great fit for our office.

Having the artwork and plants displayed has enhanced the look and atmosphere of our office and provide a welcome place to address the issues affecting District 23.

The focus of debate this week on the legislative floor concerned LB22, a bill introduced by Speaker Scheer, at the request of the Governor, which deals with the budget and appropriations adjustments for the state. This bill includes part of the Governor’s expedited fiscal year 2016-2017 budget adjustment recommendations.

More detailed information regarding the Governor’s budget recommendations can be found at Administrative Services – State Budget Division’s website at http:// LB22 in its entirety can be viewed on the Nebraska legislature website.

Individuals concerned with the current scope of the Federal Government’s power and spending were heard Wednesday February 1 at the public hearing for LR6. LR6 is a resolution introduced by Senator Ebke, which would serve as Nebraska’s application for a convention of states under the authority of Article V of the United States Constitution for proposing constitutional amendments.

The convention would be limited to amendment proposals from certain subjects which include: limiting the size and scope of the federal government; considering fiscal restraints; and considering term limits. Amendment proposals approved by the Convention would then be submitted to the states for the ratification process. There are several other states currently considering similar resolutions.

There was a rally and press conference Wednesday, the day of the hearing where Mark Meckler, President of Citizens for Self-Governance and a leader in the movement for a convention of states spoke. There was a great deal of testimony at the hearing for LR6 which lasted several hours.

Veterans gathered at the Capitol on Friday February 3, for the Nebraska Veterans Council Legislative Day.

The Nebraska Veterans Council is comprised of representatives from eight veteran service organizations, which include more than 60,000 veterans in Nebraska.

The group gathered in the Warner Chamber at 9 a.m. and gave legislators a chance to meet and discuss with them the issues affecting our veterans.

I enjoyed getting to meet with these individuals who provide a great service to our state and our country and visit with them about veteran-related legislation.