Library hosts ‘must see’ art during April

Posted by the Columbus Telegram

Butler County Arts Council continues to showcase the talents of artists in the community including works selected by their art instructors from the three area high schools.

Thanks to the annual collaboration with Kay Schmid of the Hruska Memorial Public Library, the art works of adults and high school students will grace the shelves of the library through the month of April. The Arts Council reached out to adult artists and had great success.

David City artist Jim Bathen has two artworks on view that have a special connection to the land.

The Richard & Janis George Farmstead in ink/pencil was inspired by an aerial photograph taken in the 1980s and shown to him by his wife of her family farm in Waco, York County, Nebraska. The other work is also an ink/pencil drawing inspired by the old saw mill located at Moore State Park in Paxton, Massachusetts once seen as a photo in Nebraskaland Magazine.

East Butler

The East Butler High School Art Instructor Deanna Ebmeier has contributed some of her students’ art to exhibit.

These works include freshman students Amanda Aerts “Crushed” in graphite and colored pencil, Abbie Christensen’s ceramic “Dimpleless Waffles” and graphite “Woodland Hand Ninjas”, Morgan Jones’ “Happy”, tempera paint, Lizzie Pernicek’s “Lizzie in the Sky with Diamonds” in graphite and “Staring into the Void” tempera paint, Erin Timoney’s “Square Peg in a Round Hole” in colored pencil and ceramic piece “Twisted Blue”, and junior Kristine Tejral ‘s “Colors of Fall”.


Aquinas High School art students art submitted for the month by art instructor Joan Cech include printmaking examples by freshman Maria Buresh, a pastel portrait by sophomore Ginette Glaser and printmaking by Hannah Moravec and junior Veronica Kobza and a stained glass mosaic by senior Fadhili Mwikiza. There are also unique ceramic pieces by sophomores Ginette Glaser, Larissa Sellers and Nya Jakub.

David City

Works selected by David City High School art instructor Margaret Detmer include those by senior Iris Prochaska who will pursue art after graduation. Prochaska is also one of the gifted art day camp instructors who teaches along with other art instructors for the art day camps co-sponsored by the Butler County Arts Council and Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art and offered the last three week days in July each year.

Nebraska 150 at Bone Creek

Other examples of the artistic talent in our community and beyond will be seen in the Nebraska 150 exhibition to open at the Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art which opens May 3, and runs through July 30.

Very gifted high school students from the state are among those whose art will be in this exhibition. There will be a reception on Saturday May 27 from 1 to 4 p.m. which will welcome those returning for alumni activities as well as any artists who can attend.

The general public is invited. There will be a closing reception the weekend of July 29 and 30 for this amazing group of artists whose original work of agrarian art honoring the state of Nebraska was accepted for this major exhibition. Updates will be posted by the museum website at with further details about the exhibition and related events.

These visual arts projects with both nonprofit arts organizations in Butler County received major grants from the Butler County Area Foundation Fund. Major support during the year also comes from the Nebraska Arts Council and Nebraska Cultural Endowment and major sponsors identified in signage in the museum and in posters and other news releases.

–Anna Nolan, volunteer coordinator, Butler County Arts Council