Simon Winegar

Plein Aire Workshop

August 1-3, 2016

Bone Creek is sponsoring a 3-day plein aire workshop hosted by painter and visiting artist Simon Winegar from Utah. Winegar is one of the featured artists in “Landmark Barns” exhibition, May 4 -Sept. 4. Winegar will lead instruction in oil painting in and around the Bohemian Alps of Butler County.  more…

This workshop will emphasize the outdoor landscape with a special focus on agrarian features. One day will focus entirely on the structures found on the farm, the barns and outbuildings. We will discuss and attempt to understand the form, function and visual importance of the barn in the agrarian setting. We will attempt to capture the essence of the building, presenting it as an element of importance. We will also begin to understand the varying textures and dynamic differences, like the juxtaposition of hard and soft elements, found on the farm. The remaining time will focus on understanding and discussing the natural world and how to translate it onto our canvas. We will discuss our materials briefly and have a short review of introductory principles, techniques and tips for working outdoors.

I anticipate we will complete at least two or three finished works in “plein-air” (done on location) and a series of studies and sketches. There will be group instruction and one-on-one critique ongoing. This workshop is geared for skill levels of all ranges, but will be particularly beneficial for those who have had some instruction and experience with their artistic materials. I anticipate the majority of the class will work in oils, but acrylic is also acceptable.

The majority of this workshop will take place outdoors. This means the unexpected will happen! Please be prepared to spend most of the time outside, rain or shine! (Unless it gets really bad.) Come prepared with sunblock, water, mosquito repellent, a hat and anything else that you might need. We will take breaks throughout the day, but come prepared to work. I anticipate it will be an enjoyable learning experience.

Cost of this 2 1/2 day workshop is $325. Payable by check to Bone Creek Art Museum.

Accommodations: In addition to the Rose Motel in David City, host families are available. Host families can arrange for guest art workshop students to arrive before the Monday August 1 start. If you are signing up with a friend, some of the host houses have more than one bedroom for the visiting artists/art students. Contact Anna Nolan 402-367-3709 to get connected with a host family.

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